Introducing Adept Ventures and our first investment

I am glad to announce Adept Ventures — an early stage, sector agnostic, micro VC as I transition into a more formal structure of startup investing and build on my current portfolio of angel investments.


Adept is a culmination of my learnings of the VC ecosystem in the last 6 years. Adept is the step towards building an investment ecosystem around me which helps the portfolio companies as needed. This model allows us to be smart in our capital deployment while maintaining a healthy level of impact towards each investment.

The goal of Adept will be two fold –

  • To serve the Founders who allow us to partner with them through our network of co-investors and colleagues


Some of the themes I have stuck to in my past investments in companies like Vahdam Teas, InVideo, Masai School, VTION Media, Third Wave Coffee, Boheco, Clairco has been the commonality of:

  • Building for a very large target addressable market, in most cases with a global product.


We have already made two investments from Adept.

  • The first one was announced last week — CreatorOS. It’s empowering the passion economy generation. Using CreatorOS, creators can launch their own apps within minutes, loaded with natively built features to monetise their audiences. This is increasingly important to break monopolistic behaviours of large platforms. The great product and execution has convinced an impressive roster of investors on their vision. I am excited to see Madhavan and CreatorOS team’s vision take shape.



Founder @Adept_vc and Investments @AngelListIndia

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